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Hainanese Chicken Rice

“Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth!”

Nothing beats the simple deliciousness of this unforgettable Hainanese classic. Hainanese Chicken rice began as a humble working man’s dish that was invented by immigrants with ethnic roots in Hainan in southern China. It has grown over the generations to become an iconic favourite the world over as the dish has been spread far and wide to all corners of the world by Chinese migrants living abroad.

While nearly every country has a version of this dish,  the Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth is most often associated with Singaporean and Malaysian hawker cuisine. So much so that it is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore. 

For many south east Asians and ethnic Chinese the world over who grew up on this wonderfully simple dish, Hainanese chicken rice is truly takes them back to their roots and simpler times. It has become a staple dish for many that can be eaten and enjoyed everyday with family and friends.

 At Bull Creek Hawkers our rendition of Hainanese Chicken Rice has been painstakingly perfected over many years and is the complete hearty meal consisting of the following 4 components.

4 Components of the Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth has to offer:

1. Steamed Chicken

Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth

One of the quintessential elements of the Best Hainanese chicken rice perth has is lusciously soft and tender steamed chicken. Our pride in this dish is all about our technique and care used in preparing our specially steamed chicken. We steam the chicken with fragrant aromatics, and cook it to perfection achieve perfectly silky, juicy and tender chicken every time. Your choice of breast portion or leg portions (subject to availability) is coated with a tantalizingingly savoury Hainanese chicken sauce and served with refreshingly crunchy chunks of cucumbers on the side.

2. Flavoured Rice

The second element of Hainanese chicken rice, is perfectly balanced chicken flavoured rice. At Bull Creek Hawkers,  we believe that our generous serve of mouth-watering chicken flavoured rice is the perfect accompaniment to our perfectly cooked chicken. Cooked in our rich flavourful chicken stock with a depth of aromats including garlic and ginger, the rice brings you back to the back alleys and laneways of Malaysia and packs a huge flavour punch. Once you start eating our chicken flavoured rice you’ll be hooked and want to come back for more.

Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth

3. Chicken Broth

They say chicken soup is food for the soul. At Bull Creek Hawkers our Hainainese chicken broth is food from our hearts that we hope you use to nourish your soul. To round out and complete the meal, our Hainanese chiken rice is served with a bow of warm, flavourful and delicious chicken broth topped with fresh spring onions.  With a taste recalling the very essence of deliciously tender chicken, you will feel as you are wrapped in a warm hug when enjoying our wonderfully flavoursome chicken broth.

4. Chilli Sauce

One of the most crucial elements of the Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth has is the chilli sauce that brings all the other separate elements together into a cohesive delicious dish. At Bull Creek Hawkers our chicken rice chilli sauce is a balanced blend of zingy heat from vibrant red chillies, bright citrus notes from fresh lemon juice and savoury seasonings. Our chicken rice chilli sauce is the perfect vehicle for dipping our luscious chicken and smothering on our flavourful rice. We are enormously proud of our deliciously addictive chicken rice chilli that has the customers asking for more.

At Bull creek Hawkers we aim every day for our Hainanese Chicken Rice to be ‘Perfection that has customers coming back day after day and week after week’. Many customers tell us it’s the “Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Perth”!

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